Subproject B4 Stochastic Structural Analysis

The mechanical properties of compressor blisks are influenced by regeneration processes. High-tech processes enable the repair of components and their reinstallation in the engine. There are various repair designs and regeneration paths. In the subproject B4 efficient methods are developed which support the decision in the regeneration path and improve the service life of components.

Motivation and Objectives

Scheme of the optimization

Decisions in the regeneration process are currently based mainly on subjective criteria. In most cases there are only generally stated repair limits. This engineering decision in the regeneration process will be supported by numerical optimization in the future. The decision about the geometry of the repair is achieved by a parameterized description. The basis for the optimization is a service life calculation, the parameterization of the repair and the use of efficient optimization algorithms.


In the first funding periods it could be shown that geometric imperfections of jet engine blades significantly influence their structural behavior. From the statistical analysis of geometric data, changes in vibration amplitude and blade fatigue life could be identified. This allows the consideration of real geometrical tolerances in the calculating of the service life of the blade.  


First oscillation mode of a compressor blisk

Current Research and Outlook

In the current research of the subproject the optimization potential of repair designs is analyzed. The optimization of blending and patch repairs of compressor blisks is based on parametric models and FE analyses. In addition to the ideal structure, the influence of scatter on the lifetime is considered. Competing repair targets are addressed by multi-objective optimization. The engineering decision about the repair design is supported by robust and reliability-based optimization. The repair designs optimized in the virtual path finally lead to an improved regeneration process in the real path. 

Subproject leader

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Raimund Rolfes
Appelstraße 9a
30167 Hannover
Appelstraße 9a
30167 Hannover


Dr. Christian Gebhardt
Dr. Christian Gebhardt


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