Subproject T3 Capacity planning within the regeneration of transformers (finished 2018)

Within the transfer project, the engine-specific findings of the SFB 871 regarding the planning and control of regeneration processes with fuzzy load information are generalized and transferred to the regeneration of transformers. A comprehensive damage library and data mining methods will be used to predict a realistic load level of the involved work systems, caused by future regeneration orders. On this basis, capacity planning is carried out and load controlling actions will be conducted. A challenge within the project will be the integration of the regeneration process in the existing production system. In an additional step, the predicted load level data will be used for an offer calculation methodology that will be developed within the project.

Subproject leader

Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Peter Nyhuis



  • Melissa Seitz, Maren Sobotta und Peter Nyhuis (2018): Einsatz von Data Mining im Regenerationsprozess von Schienenfahrzeug-TransformatorenZWF 113 (12), S. 814–818
    DOI: 10.3139/104.112025
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