Subproject C3 Regeneration-induced Mistuning (finished 2017)

In the subproject C3 the mistuning of the disk part of a blisk was considered in the reduction method developed within the first funding period in order to account for realistic dynamic properties of the blisk due to regeneration-induced disturbances of the rotational symmetry. This gives rise to a possible reduction of blade vibration amplitudes by an intentional mistuning of the disk part instead of an intentional mistuning of the blade part of the blisk. In order to predict the realistic vibrational behavior, the influence of the temperature and the aerodynamical interblade coupling was considered in the simulation model. With a modified rotating test rig, the necessary model parameters were identified and a validation of the simulation results was conducted.

Subproject leader


International Scientific Journal Paper, peer-reviewed

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International Conference Paper, not peer-reviewed

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